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A Healthy and Productive Workforce

Health & Wellness programs in the workplace are proven to increase productivity and lower medical costs, help employees stay in good general health, and cost much less than treating employees after they have become ill or injured. On Demand offers services that benefit your employees’ physical and emotional well-being.

Clinical Testing Services

Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B

Corporate Wellness

Biometric Screening
Fitness Testing
Wellness Coaching
Health Risk Assessment
Yearly Follow-Up Testing

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

It’s challenging to balance work and family commitments, and it’s likely your employees will face a personal problem that will disrupt their work life.

An EAP program with On Demand is a mix of private counseling and referral services, and can relate to any of the following concerns, as well as others:

Family & Parenting
Grief & Bereavement
Marital & Relationship
Legal & Financial
Stress & Anxiety
Alcohol & Drug
Eldercare & Childcare


Increased Productivity
Healthy Employee Population
Reduced Absenteeism
Increased Job Satisfaction
Lower Turnover
Reduced Stress