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About Online Training

Online training provides the flexibility to take trainings at a pace that fits any work environment, and any employee’s schedule.  If it is hard to get everyone to come together for a meeting due to busy scheduling and multiple shifts, online training will allow employees to take the required courses at a pace that is comfortable to them.  A comprehensive list of the trainings offered can be found below.  Our training staff can assist you in putting together a training package from the selection below.  If there is a training that you don’t see – but require, we would be happy to put together a customized training for you.  Contact us for more information regarding online training, and get it set up for your organization or school.

Meet Our Trainer

Ruth Bowdish, BGS, LCDC III – Corporate Trainer, Life Coach

Ruth M. Bowdish has led the corporate training division of On Demand Drug Testing & Work Solutions’ Drug Free Workplace Programs since 2015. With over a decade of experience working within the Occupational Health and Safety Industry, Ruth has been called on by local news outlets as well as state leaders to provide knowledge about the drug epidemic. She has been invited to speak at events across the state and nationally. Ruth has worked with schools in Ohio spreading awareness and prevention skills. Additionally, she has given lectures and held seminars with the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber, National Safety Council, and the Bureau of Workers Compensation. In 2017, Ruth had the honor of speaking at the Ohio Statehouse among Ohio’s top leadership providing her insight to aiding in the proposal of legislation fighting the opiate epidemic state-wide as well as asked to sit on the health care panel for the senate caucus. Ruth has dedicated her education to studying substance use disorders and is currently practicing as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for On Demand Counseling, where she has experienced firsthand the effects of the nation’s evolving drug culture. Ruth’s commitment to expand her knowledge and understanding has made her a leader in this industry.

Ruth can be booked for speaking engagements, trainings, and individual life coaching in-house at your workplace or school, at a designated location, at your event, tradeshow or symposium.

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Why Workplace Training?

Benefits of providing continued education for employees far outweigh the time and money spent on an in-house or off-site training programs.  Not only will training make employees more capable of performing the duties of their job but participating in workplace training keeps your company up to date on new developments in your industry and gives your employees a sense of pride that their workplace has invested in them.  Training can also benefit students, teachers and administrators.  Our certified training staff of counselors, life coaches and safety professionals offer a wide range of workplace and school training both in person and online.

Our in-house training staff is made up of designated industry experts who have real-life experiences in the topics they train.  Employee training, whether done online or in person - at your facility or ours improves overall business performance, increasing profit and staff morale.  Other advantages of employee training are a safer and more productive workplace, and a workplace with current, competitive skillsets.

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