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Accurate and Effective Testing to Suit Your Needs

On Demand Drug Testing & Work Solutions offers testing services in our office and yours

24/7 On-Site Testing Services

Onsite & After Hours Testing

On-site and after-hours testing can provide additional safety and convenience for employers.

Our staff adheres strictly to all federal guidelines, even when on-site—including appropriate random selection, strict chain-of-custody protocols and accurate collection procedures for both urine drug collections and breath alcohol tests.

On Demand collectors can come to your facility, saving you time, reducing downtime, and providing you peace of mind when random, for-cause, or post-accident testing is required.

Preemployment Testing

On Demand’s pre-employment drug screening, fingerprinting, and background checks are proactive ways to identify issues with potential candidates before you hire them.

Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing is an effective deterrent to regular drug and alcohol users in the workplace.  On Demand Drug Testing manages your random drug testing program from the random selection process to testing your employee on-site, anytime, anywhere.

Why Participate in a Random Drug Testing Program?

  • Saves lives and prevents injuries
  • Helps employers identify workers with substance abuse issues and facilitate their treatment
  • Allows employees to easily say no to illegal drug use
  • Reduces employer liability
  • Is a fair way of testing

24/7 Reasonable Suspicion & Post-Accident Testing

On Demand offers Reasonable Suspicion Training so supervisors can recognize the signs, symptoms and patterns of behavior in drug and alcohol abuse, such as:

Slurred Speech
Unsteady Standing or Walking
Disorientation or Confusion
Falling Asleep
Erratic or Unusual Behavior
Increased Absenteeism

Post-Accident Testing

Forty percent of workplace-related fatalities are the result of substance abuse. When an accident happens, On Demand can help your organization determine whether drugs and alcohol were a factor.

Follow-Up Testing

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires an extensive process that must be completed by all employees who have tested positive on a drug screen in the past.  On Demand is equipped to handle your initial return-to-work screen and follow-up testing.

MRO Services

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by an employer’s drug testing program.


  • Decreases turnaround time
  • Protects the rights of the employer and the employee/applicant
  • Keeps the drug testing process compliant with all federal, state and local laws
  • Enhances the validity and integrity of test results
  • Evaluates appropriate use of prescription medications
  • Considers the impact of possible donor medical conditions
  • Determines whether a legitimate medical explanation accounts for a confirmed positive test
  • Provides professional assessment of the biomedical factors involved with a positive result
  • Addresses possible adulterated specimens

Electronic Chain of Custody

  • eScreen internet-based drug screen system
  • View and manage your drug testing program 24/7
  • Efficiently manage all drug testing and donor screenings
  • Covers all aspects of testing, viewing each step in real-time
  • Ability to provide analytical reporting

Testing Methods

Urine Testing

Gives employers options to select which specific panels of drugs they’d like to have tested.
Customizable drug testing panels available.
Reliable Results.
Quick turnaround time.

Breath-Alcohol Testing

Often done in conjunction with Urine Testing
Approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT)
Certified through National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Quick and accurate results, Confirmation Included

Hair Testing

Longest detection window of all testing methods.
Decreased chances of test adulteration.
Quantitative and historical information availability.
Quick and simple collection procedure.
Extremely accurate, and high rate of positives.

Oral Fluids Testing

Quick collection time, increased productivity.
Decreased chances of test adulteration.
Easy and non-invasive collection.
Instant results